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Edenborn Pty Ltd actively recognises the duty of care owed to its employees and so far as is practicable and reasonable, ensures that they have been given the correct training so as they may undertake their duties with safe and efficient practices and procedures.

  • To comply with Statutory obligations
  • To promote a positive safety culture
  • To provide appropriate resources for the establishment of maintenance and safety systems of work
  • To ensure the maintenance of health and safety competence in the Company
  • To provide health and safety training to employees
  • To develop the employees skills at all levels of employment

  • Induction/training of new employees is carried out by a competent and experienced instructor, covering all aspects of health and safety, machinery operations and administration requirements
  • Employees will be supported in the acquisition of appropriate licenses and certification pertaining to the position in which they are employed
  • Ongoing training is carried out regularly as identified by supervisors during regular training/operations reviews.  This includes operation, health and safety and environmental procedures.
  • Health and safety procedures are reviewed and revised at regular meetings held with Administration, Operations Managers, Supervisors and operational staff

Current Opportunities
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